Friday, October 24, 2008

Almaty, maybe

Talked with my agency consultant today. She says my documents came out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presumably on to Ministry of Education next. Our “connection” in country thinks the most likely region is Almaty.

I was a little uncertain about going to the big city … I had a picture of myself slowly whiling away the peaceful and boring hours in a smaller town. My parents, who will be traveling with me, are thrilled, though. Somewhere to shop, to eat, to tour while we’re waiting. (Okay, I’ll live with the smog and the big city … )

... as one wise blogger put it, “Keep your eye on the prize.” And that’s what she’ll be – a prize and a treasure. Someone I’ve waited for for a very long time.

The only drawback? They’re talking about maybe three trips. THREE!!! I freaked out for a bit over that, but apparently it can be made in two. Our only issue is whether my mom, who’s going with me on the second trip, also, will be able to get a visa that extends more than 30 days.