Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo bonus!

Three more great kids, who inspire me not only to parenthood, but to proper football attitude and attire: Jenny, Katie and Joel.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Choosing a name

How did I choose my future daughter's name?

I've always loved that my mom named her kids after family members. My own name is my mom's maiden name followed by a shortened form of her favorite aunt's name. I want to do something similar for my child.

About fifteen years ago, when I moved back to Michigan after a brief stay in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes), I accompanied my mom and grandma to a local cemetery. While there, I found that my great-grandmother's true given name was Tona Josina. Until that point I believed her given name was Josephine.

I loved that name, "Tona Josina." But I also wanted to use my grandma's name, Margaret (on mom's side. My other grandma, Christine, was already immortalized through Christopher and Christina).

A baby name wesite divulged the following:
Josina , a variation of Josephine, means "God shall add."
Margaret can have two definitions. In Greek, it means "a pearl." In Persian, it means “a child of light”

So, my future bobek kuz* will be named "Josina Margaret." meaning either "God shall add a pearl" or "God shall add a child of light" Isn't that great? I'll most likely add another middle name after I meet her, to honor her birth name.

*From a list of Kazakh words: Baby = bobek; Girl = kuz; Boy = bala
From a list of Russian words: Baby = ryebyonak; Girl = dyevochkee; Boy = malcheekee

Photo bonus!

This beautiful woman is my great-grandma, Tona Josina De Witte Weisel:

And this lovely girl is her daughter and my grandma, Margaret Weisel Kelly:


My adoption coordinator sent me a link to a group of wonderful adoption blogs a couple of months ago. She also suggested I find a Kaz. adoption group on Yahoo to join, so I could have others like myself to talk with ...

I found three and requested to join:
- one for people in Michigan with Kaz. kids (accepted)
- one for people adopting from Astana, Kazakhstan (accepted),
- and one for people adopting from Kaz. in general; a huge group with no specific city, and recommended by a great Kaz. website (DENIED)

Of course, I'm irrationally upset that a faceless, nameless entity has denied me membership in their elitist little clique.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photo bonus!

As a photo bonus (yes, there will be photos!!!), here are 5 kids who help inspire me to stay on my adventure. Left to right: Connor, Ashley, Patrick, Caroline and Andrew.

... in the beginning

My journey to Josie begins one year ago. After inviting my mom to join me at an informational meeting on international adoption, and with the support and blessings of my family, I signed the official papers and started down the path to motherhood.

Happiness, wonder, PANIC!!! And, unfortunately, some sadness. The past year has been a series of peaks and valleys emotionally. My original choice in countries, Guatemala, led me down a rocky road; eventually to a stop. I had to make a choice: pick another country, or wait until the Guatemalan government revised their policies and procedures. Timeline: unknown. I made the tough decision and switched my country to Kazakhstan.

I don't care where my future daughter is born.
Plus, I've heard good things about adopting from Kazakhstan. But it's so much farther away! And the travel requirements are much longer, meaning the additional family and friends I had hoped to take along will be joining me only through the blog.

What do I know for sure? These same family and friends have been the most supportive, caring group of people in the world.
I love you all!!!

And I get more excited and joyful and, yes, panicked every day as I count down the time until I meet my daughter, Josina Margaret. (Hopefully that's the name that will stick ... you know how some babies just don't look like the name you've chosen?)

Special thanks to Mary, who was the first person to tell me about international adoption, some 16 years ago. Why don't I always listen to you, Auntie Mary?

Major thanks and kudos to Karen for setting up my new blog. I just mentioned that I wanted to do it, showed her one I liked, and PRESTO - it was done. She's a seasoned blogger and has her own fantastic site showcasing her art and writing, Art in the Garage. See link.