Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No promises

Where does the time go? I've received a couple of new comments in the last few months, so someone is finding us. I can't believe anyone still reads the blog, since I haven't updated it in so long!

I'm always interested in hearing from anyone who adopted from baby house #2, Almaty, especially. So many things I didn't ask or get to see, and one day Josie may want to know more than I can give her. So, for anyone reading this who adopted from the same baby house ...

Did you get to see, or photograph, any of your child's living areas or caregivers? Everything was very secretive during my visits ... everyone seemed to tiptoe around the when and where we would visit. I'd love to hear more "behind the scenes" details.

On the last day, I took gifts, candy and food as special thank you and assumed I'd get a chance to see/meet her caregivers, but the director had someone "important" in her office and we were sent off very quickly. Maigul, who managed the visits and knew all the kids, was great. She let me photograph her with Josie and was very sad when we left. It's good to be able to show Josie someone who loved her before me : )


sue and craig said...

Hi Kelly,

We also adopted from Baby House #2 and were in Kaz for our first trip at the end of January 2009. Our coordinator and translator spoke very highly of a Kelly and now reading your blog I am wondering if it is you.
We do have pictures of inside the baby house and pictures of Maigul. Our son in often in the picture though!
The one picture of your daughter caught our eye as our son wore the same blue striped sweater and we have pictures of him in it too.
Feel free to contact us at if you would like to get in touch.

All the best, your daughter is beautiful.

Sue and Craig from Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

We adopted from babyhouse #2 as well. Maigul was a favorite caretaker of our son as well! We adopted in 2003 and have a gotcha day coming up very shortly. How time flies! I too have some pictures but as the previous poster stated most are with our son or ourselves. You can contact me at


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

My name's Andrea from Italy and I'm Camilla Anar dad. I and my wife Maria adopted Camilla in Almaty babyhouse nr. 2. We adopted Camilla exactly one year after you; the first trip on December 2007 and the second and last trip on February 2008. Camilla was born on December 2006 so now she is 5 years old. I have seen the pictures of your daughter and she looks like a lot to my daughter, especially those baby.

Excuse for my bad english, my wife speak and write well, so if you want to feel we could continue by email; my address is

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new years

Andrea and Maria from Italy